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Veg Appetizers

Skewered Paneer Cube Marinated in Classic Tandoori Masala & Cooked in Clay Oven..
Mix Veg Pakora, Gobi Pakora, Paneer Pakora, Chick Pea Flour Batter Fried Fritters..
Skewered Paneer Cubes Marinated in Pesto Marinade with a Medley of Bell Pepper & Onion Grilled to Perfection in Clay Oven..
French Fry Cut Sweet Potato Seasoned with Chat Masala..
Florets of Cauliflower Marinated in Classic Tandoori..
A Medley of Mixed Veggies Mushroom Bell Pepper Cauliflower Sweet Potato Onion Grilled in Clay Oven..
Handmade with Potato, Peas & Indian Spices..
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