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Non Veg Appetizers

Chicken Breast Meat Marinated in Aromatic Bhati Ka Masala & Grilled in Tandoor..
Minced Chicken Seasoned with Spices & Onion Cooked in Tandoor..
Chicken Breast Fillets Cut into Tikka Cuts Marinated with Tandoori Spice & Grilled in Clay Oven..
Boneless Chicken Diced Cuts Tossed in Hakka Style Chilli Chicken Dry or Saucy..
Indian Tangy, Honey Garlic, Hot Sauce, Tandoori Mayo..
Chicken Breast Meat Marinated in a Mild Marinate of Cream, Yoghurt, Green Chili & Coriander..
Choose: Chicken Tikka, Malai Tikka, Chicken Kabab, Fish Pakora..
Atlantic Farmed Salmon Marinated in Tandoori Marinate & Cooked in Tandoor..
Whole Chicken Marinated with Indian Spice Roasted to Perfection in Clay Oven..
Choose: Marinated Tandoori, Malai, or Bhati Style..
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