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About Us

A joyous eatery inspired by the culture of Punjabi cuisine

We are very passionate about providing the finest and authentic Punjabi experience in a flavourful manner to everyone. Punjabi by nature is the embodiment of Punjab and spices. 

As James Beard said, "Food is a universal experience”, we want to bring Punjab to all of you in the best possible way, what can be better than the food. Also, Fanny Fern said, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.”

The first question might arise, How can we trust for the taste of Punjab, here in Canada? Let us make it easy for you, we have some of the best chefs, who know how to provide you with the Dhabe di Roti experience.


Moreover, we understand that after a tiring day at work what can help you unwind the tensions and relax! Come and visit us at Punjabi by Nature and let us take you back to Punjab! 

Location 1: 782 Queen St E, Toronto, ON  (Riverside)

Location 2:  1961 Queen St E, Toronto, ON (Beaches)

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